6 creepy stories of people cheating on their partner

How do you feel if you ever found out that your partner is cheating on you? Cheated by the special one whom you have loved with all your heart is the most painful thing ever.

Cheating in a relationship may not kill your relationship but will definitely kill the love between two souls. It will slowly poison the relationship and dragged till to the death.

Both men and women have been disloyal to their loved one’s but not all of them are guilt of that. For some of them cheating on their partner is a part of a relationship.

So here are 6 insane cheating story that will convince you to stay away from relationship:

1.”I started loving her best friend, wanted to spend more time with her than my girlfriend”

I was 18 at that time and had been with my girlfriend for four months ,and during that time I became close to her best friend. Soon I found myself happier with her friend and i started wanting to spend more time with her friend. I knew that time i was doing wrong but I couldn’t resist myself to fall for her. But on the other side i didn’t want to be the reason as to why their friendship ended that’s way I cheated on her instead of breaking up with my girlfriend.In addition to thisĀ  ,I didn’t want her friend to look like a slut who just moves in on her friend’s boyfriend. Overall the situation was tricky for both of us but we manage the situation cleverly.

2.”I decided to go cheat as well ”

My boyfriend cheated on me ,so I decided to go cheat as well. It took no time before we opened the relationship and things have been better in terms of that since.

3.”The guy escape from the back door of my house”

Five years back I used to live in with my girlfriend. One day I decided to go home for lunch and surprised her too with her favorite flowers. When I opened the main door I saw my girl with another guy . The guy ran from the back door. I was blank out for some moments.

4.” They don’t love each other anymore but still they are together because their family don’t consider them to divorce”

I met this girl in my office , we used to be very close. Gradually I developed feelings for her and wanted to be with her but she was married. But they weren’t close emotionally or sleeping in the same bed but they were very much officially together. Because of their family they were together they sacrifice their love.

5.”My wife begged me to stay with her and go into couple’s counseling”

I had been married 10 years and had a kid. Our marriage had turned into something that made our relationship worst. We barely had sex and connection seemed completely gone. We fought a lot over small things and it was always me who needed to compromise. Once I decided I should really divorce my wife but she asked me to go for counseling . But thing still not working and I fall for another women. I cheated on my wife but I was happy with that lady and I am not guilt of that.

6.”One day I realized I don’t love him anymore”

I was in madly in love with my boyfriend , he was so handsome and his physical appearance was so attractive. We had used to get intimate regularly, here is the problem comes after some intercourse , he was not good at bed. Gradually I lost all interest about our relation. I started to dating random guys just fulfillĀ  my desire. I know I was wrong but I could not resist myself.

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