6 warning signs that depressed people want to hide from us..

Maybe what we see  is not true. Maybe reality is hidden under a fake smile. Maybe someone is all alone from inside..  Maybe the smile on seeing pretty things is fake and on the inside, the person is falling into sadness so sweet, that is engulfing them. Maybe someone start to hide himself/herself under hard shall that no one can reach inside their world.

Depression is a common and debilitating mood disorder. depression can changes someone’s personality. Sometimes someone you know ,maybe constantly undergoing a bad phase but they don’t want you to look at them broken. Some people have the ability to hide their emotions and appear absolutely normal . You can describe depression as ‘living in a black hole”. It make someone lifeless and empty from inside.

Here are few signs that will help you to mark if someone you know is depressed:

Feeling of hopelessness:  Constant feelings of guilt , hopelessness and helplessness are the common signs you can notice for people  undergoing depression.

Mood swing:  Depressed people feels agitated, restless or even violent. Their tolerance level is low, short tempered, easily they get hurt on small things.

Concentration problem: They constantly   facing trouble focusing, making decision or remembering things.It is hard to concentrate in something.

Changes in sleeping position: Insomnia,waking in  the early mornings or oversleeping can also a symptom to look out for.

Negative thoughts: They have strong feelings of worthless or guilt. They start to  harshly criticize themselves for perceived  mistakes and faults.

Losing interest: Loss of interest in once hobbies that they used to love to do is a strong sign that they are in depression.

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