6 ways to attract a girl at an Indian wedding.

Weddings in India are very loud, full of enjoyments, gifts, foods,fancy parties where huge number of family members gathers to celebrate. You met new people with old one ; make some memorable memories. More than all of this, people who are single, wedding is the best opportunity to find a perfect person with whom they can have some good time or maybe get someone for life time.

But on the other side girls don’t see this as a chance to get meet someone at wedding. At Indian wedding girls are busy with shopping, mehandi, rituals, grooming; they don’t get time to look around. So, if you are a single guy and want to grab her attention at an Indian wedding, here are 6 tips that might help you win the game.

1 Don’t be desperate.

Don’t try on every girl you like. Maintain your reputation in front of her, shows her that you have got your standards and you are not like those desperate guys who cross all the limits to get attention. Start your conversation gracefully let her notice that there is something attractive about you.

2 Make sure you guys are not related.

I know it may sound funny to you but make sure that she is not closely related to you. Funnily, sometimes guys try on their cousins sisters without knowing the truth behind their relation. So if you don’t want to end up like this, make sure to confirm if you guys related or not.

3 Dress like a gentleman.

Do you know? girls find attracted guys who carry themselves as a gentleman. Dress according to the occasion and carry your style confidently. Because you style speaks loads of about your personality. Dress your best and let your looks do all the talking.

4 Show that you are different from others.

It is important to make her realise that you are different from other guys. Be humble and helping towards people, show your positive sides to her so that sees all the good things that there is in you.

5 Make her feel smile.

Shower compliments indirectly or directly, playful with your action. Try to make her smile and also tease her to see how she reacts all these things. Make her feel special, it’s a really important part when you are trying to get to close her at the crowded wedding.

6 Pay attention to her closely.

Spend some time with her and try to know about her likes and dislikes, her hobbies, her future planning and much more. It will help to know her closely and also help you to continue the conversation when the wedding will be over.

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