7 hidden secrets behind your dreams..

A dream is a part of your mind that takes you to the world from where you try to escape. Your dreams are reflection of your secrets, desire, anger, fear, hope and thousands of emotions. Dreams don’t wait for the number of hours you have slept, they just appears.

Dreaming is still a mystery to us. Sometimes you found yourself killing someone, falling into the air, roaming around naked, chased by someone, having sex with strangers and what not! For you , such dreams aren’t dreams, they become nightmares.

It is a major field of research where experts give some conclusion on what exactly happens inside our minds when we are asleep. There is a valid explanation  for every occurrence. Are you excited to reveal  the secrets of your dreams?? Here is 7 hidden secrets of your dreams:

1.Falling from your dream?

This is the common dream falling into air. falling is the symbol of your insecurities, fear of loosing control and anxieties. Falling in dreams also reflects of your fear of failure, failure in love, the feeling of being ashamed, how you feel in your relationship or at work.

2.Late for your important exam or interview.

Another common dream, that signifies about your anxiety about success or failure. It symbolize of being judged by people.

3.Roam around naked

Dreaming about roaming around naked, at your workplace, collage or in front of your elders and family symbolize that you are embarrassed about something, you are trying to hide something about you from others. it also represents the feeling of guilt.

4.Killing someone in the dream??

If you are killing someone in your dreams then it symbolize your anger, you are on that point of losing your temper and self-control, and it also indicates the the qualities you want to put an end to,overcome the circumstances you were in.

5. Death of someone close to you?

If you are dreaming of death of your closed ones , it may indicates the constant fear of losing your loved ones it maybe your parents, your close relative, your friend or your partner. The fear of losing someone creates this kind of situation in our dreams.

6. dreaming of sex with strangers?

If you are dreaming  of sex with strangers represents your sexual desire. It may also represents you are not happy or satisfied with your sex life and you’re open to changes.

7.Chasing by someone in dreams?

Chasing by someone  indicates that you are try to hide your darkest secrets from others and you’ve the constant fear of being caught by someone. It may also mean that you are trying to escape from your present situation.

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