A special message to all women who have faced many ups and downs in life ..

It’s not easy being a women. Life is a battlefield for every women. You have to deal with the society , family, your work place pretty much everywhere you go and also in social media. You have to fight each and every day for your dream, but you never give up.

Society expect a perfect lady , they never consider you as a normal human being. They consider a beautiful, fair and tall with long hair and perfect body shape as a ideal women. Yes! It’s a bitter truth of our society.

Forget about the society, and live your life in your terms and conditions. Here is some message to those who faced a lot in their life-

You are a fighter not a rape victim.

The first question they asked you is “Now who will marry you”. People worry about your marriage, they will never understand your pain your struggle. They don’t care about your feelings your situation, they are always ready to hurt you. Women I know you are strong enough to kick these kind of people from your life and one day you will be the best thing ever happen to someone.

What if he wants your body and not you?

Don’t marry a men who think you are too fat or skinny, tall or short , if he always worry about your out look ; then it is the right time to say goodbye to him. He never value your inner beauty ; he wants your body not you.

Dark complexion? acne/ having facial hair or hairy legs? Do these things matter?

If people are judging you by only your outer look, don’t give them a f**k because you are already above of them. Dear, if you are loving, intelligent and considerate, leave people who see you from the outside because one day you will shine like a star. And, these cheap mentality people don’t deserve you.

Failed in your exams?

No, one wants to fail in exam but sometimes it happens. So except the reality and start to work hard for you future. Stop thinking about your failure ; learn from it and work for better future because no one gonna ask you about your marks after 10 years< people only notice how you talk. how you take your responsibility seriously. If people ask you about how much you scored, just let them know that it will never matter.

What society say if the man you were about to marry left you before marriage?

People will do small talks in regards to you and the individual you were going to wed. It won’t change. In any case, what will change is the manner by which you respond to it. The best response is to not respond. The individuals who will come and say things like this is awful and there must be some issue with you, they have to figure out how to, tend to their very own concerns. In the event that you were get into a stage where you begin to question yourself, realize that one day you will be the best thing to ever happen to anyone.

So dear woman be strong stay beautiful. Never change your self for anyone

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