Don’t marry him if he does these 5 things to you.

Loving someone is the most beautiful emotion and it gives us the most amazing memories to remember. When we are in love with someone, it gives us the feeling of being complete. But sometimes things went wrong and it comes with many shades. It is become difficult sometime to love someone.

When a girl in love she try to make everything to keep the relation. They tend to go with the flow and accept their partner the way he is. But sometimes it is important to pay attention to your partner for your better future. Stop avoiding what he did to you. Forgiving him it is a good thing, but not every time; sometime you should pay attention towards yourselves more than the relationship.

It is not too late change your decision. So please think twice before make a serious decision like marriage. Here are 5 important signs that alerts you why you shouldn’t marring him if he done these things to you.

1. If he makes you feel that you are less than him.

The fundamental structure of a relationship is equality. If he treats you any less of what he is and always try to make you down in front of people, would you want to continue the relation for a lifetime? Does this thing make you happy? Think twice and make the right decision.

2. If he disrespect your family and friends.

When you decide to spend a lifetime together it is very obvious that your family and friends get involved in this moment. But, if you find that he didn’t respect your family and friends as much as his own family. Would you accept this side of him? Don’t rush to make a decision because it is about life time commitment.

3. If he doesn’t ask you while making an important decision of his life.

Relationship is meant to be togetherness in every situation of life. Sharing your own space make the relation strong. But what if your partner is not involving in his important decisions of his life. It shows that your opinion doesn’t important to him, he refuse to give you the importance that you deserve. Know your value in his life before make a decision.

4. If he doesn’t respect your career.

If your career doesn’t matter much to him why do you wanna fall in love with that kind a person? If he really loves you, he will always care for your career and give the equal priority as his own career. Don’t give up your dreams for someone who don’t deserve your love.

5. If he is not able to take a stand for you.

Every girl wants a man who will protect her and take a stand for her like her father. She wants a man who comforts her in her bad days. But if he is not able to fight for you, take a stand for you; does he really loves you? Ask this same question to yourself before you take the relation forward.

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