Kick him out of your life if he does this to you….

Our happiness comes and goes with the people we spend time with. You always want to around by the special ones. You just want their attention and their time , there are times when you just want to confide your thoughts in a person who is all ears to every random thoughts.

But are you sure your partner values your emotion? Does he really cares? Is he the Mr. right?

Would he even want to watch the the sky full of stars?

To have a strong relationship ,you need to ask yourself because a relationship is an investment of your time, emotions, feeling and energy. And the guy  doesn’t values you, shouldn’t have a spot in your life at all.

So, here is the list of the kind of men you need to kick out of your life, NOW:

1.If your man has another women in his life,whom he gives more priority than you, then Dear, you really need to let him go.

2.If he says he loves you but  is already married or committed to other women, you need to distance from the guy. You are just his pass time because the ship has already sailed.

3. Kick him out of your life if he show his love to you only under the influence of alcohol or night. This kind of man only wants to hang out with you in the bed.

4.If he constantly unavailable in your needs , make sure his presence is permanently disabled! You don’t need someone in your life ,who only tells you that he loves you but is never there for you.

5. If your partner always loss his temper over small things and start to abuse without any reason then this is the right time to kick his ass. Because a real man never disrespect his woman.

6. If he little possessive about you, it’s a good sign for a healthy relationship but what if his possessiveness turns into obsession. You might ignore this sometimes but one day you’ll suffocate and leave him forever.

7. If your partner still afraid of commitment , still he is not sure about the relationship then you should take it seriously and think twice about him. Because if he really loves you he will always try to keep you beside him.

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